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Immediate service, specialized staff, Guaranteed services, certifications for our services, new services and offers based on your requirements. Comprehensive Update & support through online services and the call center.

Online Services

For your best service, GHPService has developed a specialized online service platform.

  • Oil order
  • Registration of Building Bills
  • Registering apartment meters
  • Oil Price Calculation

GHPService, a reseller of GREEK REFINERIES, provides you with oil in the best and most competitive prices.

Using privately-owned oil distribution trucks and its highly qualified staff, the company can deliver oil within 24 hours and with a 2-hour appointment!!!

At GHPService, we provide you with a comprehensive and fully computerized communal issuing system for the accurate and reliable presentation of your building’s expenses.

It includes two summary statements and two payment receipts and a detailed notice for each apartment which arrives to you in a timely and responsible manner.

Registering the meters of your apartment building is a very important process that should be done correctly and reliably.

Register today with GHPService the thousands of your apartment building, easily and immediately. Enter the platform and fill in the required fields.

Our goal is that the quantities indicated on the meters of our tankers correspond to the liter of oil you receive.

Oil is always measured before and after delivery so that the amount of oil written on the receipt corresponds to the amount received.

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