Burner Maintenance

Through our specialized crews, we undertake the maintenance of your burner for its protection and proper operation.

We have highly trained and specialized partners, who undertake the maintenance and repair of the burner, as well as the change of the INJECTOR, when considered to be necessary, thus ensuring the ideal conditions of operation of the burner, meaning up to 20% savings in oil.

A PERPA check sheet, exhaust gas measurement is issued. The procedure for the Maintenance of the burner is performed as follows:

  • Disassembly of the Boiler and the Burner
  • Meticulous cleaning:
    – of the Boiler with special brushes and a vacuum cleaner
    – of the Burner with whichever material necessary (even with chemicals, if this is considered to be necessary)
  • Replacement of any spare part necessary (with an extra charge)
  • Assembly of the Boiler and the Burner
  • Commencing operation with all the necessary settings and simultaneous measurement with an exhaust gas analyzer, in order to achieve the highest performance level possible, as well as safe and secure operation without burdening the environment.
  • Issuing of a Certificate and a Document.

For any information, in order to get informed about our current offers, as well as for any need of your building, you can contact us every day at our call center 801 11 20 300 with a local charge throughout Greece.

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