Quality Policy

The GHPservice Ch. D. POULOPOULOS Limited Partnership declares that it has set procedures for quality assurance in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015international standard, for environmental management in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 international standard, and for Health and Safety in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018standard, which it can prove with the issuance and the approval of the manual’s processes.

The company has set quality goals at various levels.

The main goals, which relate to the QUALITY POLICY and the continuous improvement of the existing system are:

The continuous monitoring of the system through forms and internal inspections in order to detect malfunctions or non-compliance.

The satisfaction of its customers’ requirements, the direct and continuous communication with customers, the measurement of their level of satisfaction, and the timely and effective reaction to the complaints that may arise, and always within the set time frame.

The possibility of direct interventions for corrections or improvements in case of errors.

The tracing of critical checking points in the system in order to prevent errors.

The quality goals, which are related to the service provided are:

To the provision of high standard services.

To the delivery of orders within the desired time and with full coverage of its customers’ requirements.

The continuous attempt to improve evaluation methods and quality checks of services, raw materials and proper programming.

To full coverage of all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

To the development of conditions of mutual trust and collaboration with suppliers/ subcontractors.

To the continuous monitoring of the developments in its sector and its participation in those.

To the effective dealing with and satisfaction of the existing and foreseen needs for education, training and specialization of employees at the company.

The purchase of equipment for the checking of new technology, in order to perform more systematic quality checking of the services provided to the customer.

The provision of the necessary resources to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the company’s Quality System.

The main goals, which are related to the ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY and HEALTH and SAFETY of GHPservice Ch. D. POULOPOULOS Limited Partnership, are similar.

These are:

The systematic approach in handling issues of health, safety and protection of the environment, which is ensured by compliance with the applicable legislation and the continuous achievement of improvement of the performance.

The company develops services in a way that is in line with the above, and sets goals for improvement, which are evaluated and their performance is communicated.

GHPservice Ch. D. POULOPOULOS Limited Partnership is committed to the continuous implementation of recycling methods, wherever possible, as well as to the continuous prevention of pollution. It also cultivates a mindset, in the frame of which the company’s staff will embrace this commitment.

It implements an information system, which, combined with the frequent reviews, the internal inspections and education, ensures the proper implementation and the documented observation of the procedures that have been set, both for the system of health and safety, and for environmental policy.

Believing that all the above depend on the company’s human resources, the administration makes its policy understandable to its entire staff through briefing information programs and work guides.

The tool through which the company implements, checks and readjusts, whenever required, its Policy for Quality, is the Quality System that it has developed and implements.

The validity and acknowledgement of the Quality System is achieved through its certification by an independent Certification Body, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 international standards.

In order to implement its Policy for Quality, GHPservice Ch. D. POULOPOULOS Limited Partnership considers the active participation of employees in the observation, development and documenting of all procedures provided for by the Quality System to be necessary. All employees at the company contribute to the essential implementation of the quality system, as well as in its improvement.

The policy for quality is communicated to the entire staff.