Issuing of Building Bills

Issuing of building bills in detail and in an error-free manner is a complex procedure, and is a matter of responsibility and a necessary condition of the proper management of a building. At GHPService, we provide you with an integrated and completely computerized system for the issuing of building bills for the accurate and reliable presentation of your building’s expenses.
The program includes two summary statements and two payment receipts (for renters & owners), as well as a detailed notification for each apartment, which reaches you in a timely and responsible manner.
The expenses of building bills are classified in the following categories:

  • Building bills (cleaning expenses, building water and power, restoration of damages at common spaces etc).
  • Elevator (maintenance and repair expenses for the elevator based on the percentages corresponding to each apartment).
  • Heating (fuel and maintenance expenses, properly distributed based on the percentages corresponding to each apartment).
  • Special expenses
  • Owners’ expenses

For your best and immediate service, we offer online services for the recording and payment of building bills, while our call center 801 11 20 300 with a local charge throughout Greece is at your disposal every day.