Terms and Conditions of Use

All members and visitors of the ghpservice.com website agree that on each visit/use of this website they will apply and be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use, as described below. In case of disagreement with one or more terms, all members and visitors must avoid any visit and use of the website and inform us on any objections they may have.
The administrators of the ghpservice.com website reserve the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time by announcing the modifications on the ghpservice.comwebsite. All members and visitors, on each visit to the ghpservice.com website, are obliged to stay informed in order to be aware of any modifications. In the event that all members and visitors continue to use the website even after the announcement of modifications, it will mean that they have agreed to these modifications.

The ghpservice.com website has been created to provide information about the services offered by GHP SERVICE, as well as to provide monitoring of the projects through a special web platform (icloud) and controlled access to it.

CONTENT – LIABILITY of ghpservice.com
ghpservice.com and its website administrators bear no responsibility for the accuracy and content of the information. The routine check of the entries/data, which is performed during the registration by the users of the website, is done to prevent malicious use and abusive content, and the content is not checked as to the accuracy of the information (Business Name, Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.). The checking and the use of the information on the website are at the discretion of the user.

For this reason, ghpservice.com and by extension the Administrators of the website do not commit themselves, nor do they provide any kind of guarantee, nor do they assume any kind of liability regarding the security and content of ghpservice.com

The website ghpservice.commay possibly refer, via “links”, hyperlinks, or advertising banners, to other websites whose providers bear full (civil and criminal) liability for the security, legality, and validity of the content of their websites and services, excluding any liability of ghpservice.com, such as, indicatively, liability for intellectual and industrial property rights or any third-party rights. Therefore, all members and visitors are obliged to comply with the terms of use of these websites and to address their providers directly for anything that arises from visiting and/or using them.

The use of the services provided by the ghpservice.comwebsite in order to mislead any third party as to the identity of the company, to cause damage in any way to the use and operation of ghpservice.com, or to block the access of any member or visitor to ghpservice.comis explicitly prohibited. Except for specific rights of third parties (copyrights, etc.), all content of the ghpservice.com website (indicatively: the logo, the source code) constitutes intellectual and industrial property of the administrators of the ghpservice.com website and is protected by the relevant provisions.
This content may not be traded, copied, modified, reproduced, retransmitted, transmitted or distributed in any way by any user. The products and/or services of third parties, advertisers, or members appearing on the ghpservice.comwebsite constitute intellectual and industrial property of the third parties, who bear the corresponding responsibility for the content and services or/and products.

Furthermore, you allow any other user the access, storage, or reproduction of this material for their personal use. You acknowledge and guarantee that the material you submitted belongs to you or that you control all of its rights, that the material you submit is valid and accurate, that the use of the material you submit does not violate the terms of use and will not cause damage to any natural or legal person, and that you will indemnify the administrators of the ghpservice.com website and those associated with it for all claims that will arise from the use of the material you provide.

The administrators of the ghpservice.com website assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any obligations arising from any material sent by you or by any third party.

The administrators of the ghpservice.com website make reasonable efforts for the maintenance and the availability of the ghpservice.com website. Nevertheless, members and visitors acknowledge that the administrators of the website are entitled to modify or even temporarily or permanently suspend the whole or part of the website, with or even without notice, given that the availability may be affected by the equipment of all members or visitors, other communication networks, the large number of individuals attempting to make use of ghpservice.com simultaneously, or other causes.

Therefore, ghpservice.com bears no responsibility for any kind of damage (positive, consequential, negligent, contractual or other) arising from the use of the ghpservice.com website or the inability of all members and visitors to access it, the pause of the whole or parts of it, the delay, non-delivery, interruption, or poor quality in receiving of its services, or loss of their content, the existence of any kind of errors. In any case, the administrators reserve the right to, at any given time, temporarily or permanently suspend the operation of the entire or part of the ghpservice.com website for maintenance or upgrade reasons or for any reason.
Although the administrators of the website make every possible effort to protect the ghpservice.com website from digital viruses, they cannot guarantee that it will never be attacked by viruses (virus-free). Thus, every member and visitor must take care of their own protection (use of antivirus, virus scanner, or other protection systems) prior to the use of ghpservice.com or the storage of information, software, or content thereof on their computer.

The administrators of ghpservice.com may keep records and process personal data of the members of the ghpservice.comwebsite, which are disclosed to ghpservice.com by the members themselves.

The management, processing, and protection of the personal data of the members are subject to the terms of this article as well as to the relevant provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data as it has been interpreted), as well as for the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications and European law).
a) Η ghpservice.com deletes personal data, if asked so, by explicit withdrawal of the present consent.
b) Your personal data is collected and processed for specific purposes such as drawing up offers or sending informational messages.
c) In any case, you can address our company and request additional information about the Regulation or request us to set your personal data “on oblivion” or even delete them.
The administrators undertake not to sell or rent customers’ personal data to any third entity. The administrators may transfer personal data of customers of the ghpservice.com website to a third-party legal and/or natural persons only if there exists an explicit consent from the members for the transfer of personal data.

In this case, ghpservice.com may use this information in order to send forms or other correspondence, press releases, or other announcements electronically to the clients of the ghpservice.com website.

Legal and natural persons that collaborate with the website have the right to process the personal data that members of the website ghpservice.com submit to it, to the extent that it is absolutely necessary to provide support to the ghpservice.comwebsite.

In compliance with the relevant provisions of the law, it is obligatory to disclose the data in question to the competent judicial, police, and administrative Authorities, upon legal request (GDPR 2016/680).
To the extent permitted by the applicable law, the Administrators of the ghpservice.com website bear no liability towards the members for any potential leakage of their personal data, due to the use, from their part, of third-party products and services, through the pages of the ghpservice.com website.

You agree that, at your own expense, you will indemnify and protect the operation of the ghpservice.comwebsite, its employees, representatives, suppliers, associates, and agents, for any claim, lawsuit, action, or other proceedings against the ghpservice.comwebsite, by third parties, to the extent that such claim, lawsuit, action, or other proceedings brought against the ghpservice.comwebsite, its employees, representatives, suppliers, associates, and agents, is based on:

1. misuse of the website from your part or by anyone using the website through your computer.
2. use of your account by you or by anyone else, where such use is feasible.
3. violation of the terms of use by you or by anyone using your computer (or account).
4. claim that any use of the ghpservice.com website by you or by anyone using your computer (or account) violates any third party’s intellectual property rights, or any individual or public right.
5. inaccurate data entry during registering or updating your information.
6. violation of the agreements or contracts you have entered into with this document.

These Terms and Conditions of Use and any modifications thereof are governed by European and Greek Law.